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Diet for a sick or weak chicken

I have prolonged many chickens happy lives with this diet, thier ailments ranged from, walking really slow (not feeling good), legs not working well / comb not very red (could need more Iron), tongue rotted away as a chick and could not eat chick food (Gandhi is almost 2 now! and can eat regular chicken food)


Goldenseal powder- the suplement at natural food stores. Use very little (1/16th tsp. or less), and only for about 4-5 days, then don't for 4-5 days, repeat as needed.

Organic Kale-try different kinds, chop up the curly stuff, I use dino-kale, or collard greens because it is flat. But don't use chard it does not have the same vitamins & minerals. non organic is not as effective, as it has less vit. & min.s so they have to eat more to get the same effect, and we are talking about sick birds, who need the best chance.

Organic Cantelope- helps cleans like us drinking a lot of water and getting a fiber supplement. chickens consider this a treat so it can help with birds who won't eat.and helps with bird who are constipated. This helps heal a sick bird too by helping flush the system. non organic is not quite as critical here, unless they won't eat the non organic. non organic cantelopes are usually harder fleshed, not as ripe, or flavorful. Chickens who are relly sick should get nice ripe ones!

cheese, if your bird wont eat, try cheese (a fav.), tomatoes, rice, fresh corn kernals, grapes chopped up, or something they don't usually get to eat. I have read that milk to drink will help a chicken start eating good again, but I have not tried it.

In our book section is a chicken health handbook

I will add more as I think of it so come back if your bird is sick!

--Lyn "Zobin" Stafford

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