Whirling...always whirling...
happy chickens-happy people

you mean there's more to the world than the inside of a cardboard box? I think I'll go find a racoon to play with...
I'm trying to 'blend in'
babies outside
gettin' broody on the kitchen floor

this flying thing opens up some interesting possibilities
I have nothing to wear!
pre-flight experimentation
Zanzibar's Room

No, seriously you're not supposed to throw chickens around. We made sure it had a <u>real</u> soft landing spot, but we really didn't know any better at the time. Tossing chickens can cause them to break an egg iside their bodies which can be fatal!!!
these guys have the best crumbs
Rhode Island Red in flight
the back door

there's nothing here but space
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I feel pretty...oh so pretty...
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